Patrick’s Point of View

Hey Ladies and Gents! My name’s Patrick and I’m a 15 yr old freshman at South High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I’m also a runner on the outdoor track team.

My story goes back a bit so bear with me.  First off, in elementary school, I was a pretty, well, a “hyped up kid.”  In basic terms, I was the extremely energetic, “weird” kid.  Let’s just put it straight.  I was also VERY destructive because the other kids made me frustrated.

I vividly remember during recesses at Sunrise Elementary school, I was the one who got tossed on the ground and got things thrown at me.  I was that kid that pretty much got picked on almost daily.  And honestly, things never changed.  Up until the ending of fourth grade at Cole Elementary school, I left regular school and started homeschool with Wyoming Virtual Academy.  It was a REAL relief and I started getting better grades.

Now I’m back in brick and mortar and as it may not be the same bullies, identical situations are starting to arise.  Now it’s including cyber bullying and it’s definitely NOT good.

People bully me just because I’m weird because of my Autism.  I like things that they don’t.  Well I honestly don’t care about what they think.  It’s a part of me and it’s who I am. There’s really nothing that can change that.

ABRA is here because I don’t want students who are in my situations to feel alone.  I’ll try to help and support others who are being bullied in school.  FYI-Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Patrick Flores, ABRA Youth President



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  1. Thank you, Patrick! Thank you for sharing your story and taking a stand. You’re going to make a real difference for other kids!


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