October is Anti-Bullying Month

I’m going to tell you what bullying is and how to defend against it through my own personal experience.

Ever since elementary school, I’ve been bullied both physically and mentally.  I got pushed around,  pushed out of school, and I even got kicked out of school bye a group of kids who didn’t like me because I was different.  They made up lies about what I did to them(last year a girl in high school told me that she was part of that group who made up things to get me kicked out of school). I may not look different, but I act differently.

From there I went into homeschooling thinking, “What did I do to get isolated from my peers and for everyone to just automatically hate me?” Nobody should get judged  because the way they look or act differently than everyone else.  So I did homeschool for the next 4 years and decided that once I started 9th grade, I wanted to try brick and mortar again.

And as if I was reliving elementary school, the bullying started up again.  I got pushed into vending machines,  thrown out of the emergency doors in the locker room by football players who think strength is all that.  I even got a dose of cyberbullying with threats on my phone saying I’d get beaten up in the parking lot and that I should watch my back.  I can go on and on about my experiences, but I’m not.

What I am going to tell you is that while all that’s going on, you can stand up for others who are going through bullying.  Report the bullies and if nothing gets done, don’t try to take matters into your own hands but distract yourself.

If the bullies are getting to you, do sports, join a club, or do something that you love and ignore what’s being said and done to you.  I promise you that while all these bullies are thinking through strength and stupidity, you’re continuing on the path to your future and you WILL become something way more than they will.

I understand that with the internet and social media, bullying is getting ten times worse for us students.  Maybe the world won’t be totally cleansed of people like that but I can tell you one thing and that is we can outnumber the bullies so much more with kindness and caring for others rather than brute strength and no logic.

So please, if you see someone being bullied or pushed around, put your best foot forward, and don’t stand down, stand up! Don’t give in to the burning flames of hate. Rise up against it like a force ready to protect everyone from getting harmed both physically and mentally.

Sure people think that our past history may define us.  Maybe our ancestors acted barbaric but what we think and how we act on our thoughts may possibly happen to the next generation in the future. So if you think that our current generation has already fallen to that evil, then fight for the next generation and don’t stop fighting.  Never stop fighting.

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