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“I have seen a lot of bullying in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I think it needs to STOP. And that’s where ABRA comes in, you can help a lot of kids with their Suicidal Thoughts because of bullying. You can stop all of the type of bullying that happens to people physical bullying, contact bullying. I have also been bullied and it doesn’t feel right. Lots of people don’t like it and that’s why your group would be awesome. Bullies think they can roll over people just about what other people wear or how people speak or how people look or if they’re short or tall or fat or thin people. They just like picking on people and it’s not fair.  I was bullied for being darker than other people they called me a lot of bad things and it was hurtful so I say STOP BULLYING! I was once a bully and I hated it. I did it just to keep my one and only friend but the worst was I hated bullying other people because it wasn’t me. One time I helped these three little kids that were in in first grade and then the 6th graders came up into that and that was at Hobbs Elementary. I have been to four different schools in the four years I’ve lived in Cheyenne– Fairview, Lebhart, Anderson and the last one was Hobbs. I hated Hobbs because there was this rudest girl in the world, all the people judged you, and they don’t like you if you weren’t cool, you had to be dating someone or you wouldn’t be liked, and of course it was just not the best thing. So I saved your group to be part of.  Go on with it because all the kids need it.” –Submitted by “Reformed Bully”–11 year old female student, Hobbs Elementary School


“My story begins when I was back in fourth grade to fifth grade I used be the weird kid because I did things different. Kids used to shove me, call me names and just right hate me but I could not do anything because I was small. I did try to ask for help from the teacher but that would not help at all, and so it continued. Every time I moved schools(4 schools I moved from Sunrise to Davis to Pioneer Park, to Arp too)and was always the new kid because everyone knew everyone except me I was not one to make friends for I had nothing physically in common with kids. The years went by it was different kids in same kind of group that would hurt me or call me horrible names. I went through mental and physical pain. I hated to go to school or recess cause i know what was waiting for me.  I would ask kids for help but they did not want to be where I was. I was alone, afraid, and hurt except it all ended when I met some cool and awesome kids in sixth grade who were like me wanted to help me and wanted to be my friends and did not want to hurt me in any way. That’s when I realized not all people want to hurt you for being you. I went through mental pain and physical pain it was tough and really hard to handle alone and for people who are going through same thing know that you are not  alone. I was the victim of bullying and this is my story.” –Submitted by “Movin’ Up” 17 year old male student, South High School


“I’m 15 years old and I go to Laramie high school. Being bullied started very early on for me. At first, it was silly things like being left out and someone saying, “We don’t want to play with you today” and “Nobody is your friend.”As I got older, it changed to not feeling accepted by any group—being told I would never fall in love as I’m too ugly or fat. There was constant name calling by boys and girls.People took advantage of my kindness and quietness. Being bullied from a young age affected my life in lots of different ways. The main question I have always asked is, “Why me?” Even now, I’m almost 16 years old, I still don’t know the answer. The difference now is that I have a lot of good people in my life who tell me I’m a wonderful person and love me. In a lot of ways, I’m lucky.  But I’ve been bullied ever since like 4th grade and it has been going on forever and it still goes on especially when school started. At the high school there is like a “popular” group of people and they like to lie and say things that really hurt me and other people because they think they are better than everyone else 😦 “–Submitted by “Hurt in Laramie” 15 year old female student, Laramie High School


“I will be a 6th grade student at Meadowlark. When I was in 4th grade I went to Anderson. We got a new girl in class that was in a wheelchair. I went home and I told my mom about her. My mom said that I should be her friend so I became friends with her. One day I was late to recess and when I got outside I saw other kids being mean to her. I remember going up to them and telling them, “How do you think you would feel if someone was being mean to you because you were a little different?” Some of the kids didn’t say anything but some of them told me they would be scared and sad. Then I said, “Well that is how my friend is feeling right now.” Those kids stopped being mean to her. Throughout my whole year of 4th grade I saw a lot of kids being bullied.  I always made sure I tried my best to stop as many bullies as I could. I would stop them by going up to them and telling them they are doing the wrong thing by making others sad. One time there was a kid in kindergarten at recess crying because these huge 6th graders were being so mean to them. I went to the kindergarten kid and stood in the middle of them and the older kids and told that kid to stop saying or doing whatever they were and also called for teachers to help. The older kid told me, “Oh what do you think you’re going to do?”, and that is when the teachers came over and took over. I was kind of nervous standing up to the 6th grader, but I felt so bad that the kindergarten kid was so scared and crying.

This year I was in 5th grade at Meadowlark and the girl in the wheelchair turned her back on me and I was the one being bullied. I couldn’t understand why someone I stuck up for and was my friend was now being mean to me. She was calling me names, tried to fight me, tried to get others to fight me, and would send really mean things to my cell phone. I did my best to ignore her, but finally went and told a teacher what was happening. The teacher had me go talk to our counselor. The counselor talked to her, and we even had a meeting with our principal with me, the girl in the wheelchair, a group of her friends, and some of the other kids who were getting bullied. We had to have a few meetings because after the first the bullying would not stop. The girl hasn’t bullied me since that time, but I hear stories of stuff she still does to other kids.
I think bullying is super wrong to do because people who get bullied may feel like no one likes them and that they won’t have or don’t deserve to have friends. Bully’s make people feel unsafe and unwelcomed. My mom has always told me to be friends with the kids who struggle, who are different, and who seem lonely or sad on a playground.”–Submitted by “AdvocateGirl”, 11 year old female student.  Hobbs Elementary


” I’m 16 years old and I went to multiple schools but my most recent one is Central and here’s my story:  So I have multiple stories but the one that changed my life is when I was under-privileged. I was getting picked on about the way I dressed. So I went home and told my dad. This what he told me, “Son, is that how you see yourself or are you trusting other people to tell you who you are?” So that got me thinking why listen to others negative thoughts? Instead of getting mad, I just ignored them and the teachers were my friends till I got to a new school. Than I couldn’t take it any more so I started to stand up for myself. I lost alot of fights but it’s the thought to yourself the fact that you actually did it and conquered your fear. You feel great after.”–“Enter the Dragon” 16 year old male student, Central High School



“I was in 3rd grade when the bullying started. They were always older than me. It started by name calling and then turned into trapping me on the playground stuff and kicking me in the legs. The next year when I was in 4th grade they were in 6th grade. It didn’t start right away and then it started. Again it was just name calling and turned into hitting. I didn’t want to go to school and kept getting sick a lot. My mom knew something was wrong and told my principal and teacher. They didn’t do anything to help me. My teacher started to tell my friends that I was going to fail school because I was sick all the time. Everyone would make fun of me because of that and call me stupid. I would fight in the mornings so that I didn’t have to go to school or I would make myself throw up. I felt like it would be better if I just wasn’t here. That’s when I started to make a plan to kill myself. One day a friend of mine heard me say that I was going to kill myself and told a different teacher. She took me to the office where I talked to a lady for a while and then my mom came and the lady told my mom that I was going to hurt myself. I had a plan and I was going to do it that night. My mom took me to the hospital where they put me in a locked room in paper clothes and made me wait. A man came in while my mom was gone and talked to me about how I felt and I told him I wanted to die. He left and my mom came back after a little while. They told me I had to go to Denver and stay there for a while. I was scared. When I got to Denver they told me I could have anything in my room. I went kinda crazy and hit a couple people cause I wanted to go home. They gave me pills to calm down. After about a week my mom and dad came down to see me. They brought me a new pillow and blanket and some stuff from my house. We didn’t know if I was going to be able to go home or have to stay. We had a long talk with the people there and then they let me go home. I was happy to go home. About a week after going home my mom took me off the pills they gave me because they made my heart hurt. I still don’t like being around people I don’t know and I don’t like to come out of my room. My mom moved me schools and I like my new school but I want to be home schooled cause I don’t wanna go to school anymore. I have anxiety a lot and I’m still sad sometimes. “–Submitted by “Healing Heart” 11 year old male student, Fairview Elementary


“When I was in elementary school I had a friend from a different country and was picked on all the time. I don’t know why that happened because he was very nice and a great friend. So I tried everything I could as a friend and they would not stop. So his parents contacted a friend of that happened to be a friend of my moms his name was Todd and he is in a bikers chapter called Guardians of the Children Grove chapter in Dallas Tx. So Todd and all his friends one morning jumped on their bikes and took my friend to school to show everyone it was not ok to pick on anyone. Every since that day he was the coolest kid but never let anyone pick on anyone in front of him. Not only a big thank you to Todd Brisbon who travel’s the USA to make speeches and to teach everyone his story and how it has affected not only him but the many of kids and adults in his life time. BULLYING IS NOT COOL!!!”–Submitted by “Student Guardian” 12 year old male student, Johnson Jr High